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Welcome to Trialogue

Trialogue is one of only a few consultancies in South Africa that focus exclusively on corporate responsibility issues. Over 17 years of experience puts us at the forefront of new developments in sustainability and corporate social investment (CSI).

We are a 51% black-owned company and the southern African Local Authority of the CECP Global Exchange.

We share our knowledge through our publications, conference, training programs and forums, and use our expertise to support clients through our consulting and reporting services. From our offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, we serve clients across South Africa.

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New online resource helps companies meet the need to read

April 30th, 2018|0 Comments

A free knowledge hub aims to improve corporate social investment in functional literacy during the school foundation phase. Millions of South African youngsters are unable to read fluently or with understanding, which restricts their progress [...]

Enter the 2018 Trialogue Strategic CSI Award by 12 July

March 10th, 2018|0 Comments

Strategic CSI is defined as corporate social investment that has significant developmental impact, as well as a positive impact on the business, beyond reputation. Trialogue invites companies to enter their strategic CSI projects for consideration [...]

Strengthening Civil Society Resilience

March 5th, 2018|0 Comments

In his latest policy brief, Prof William Gumede suggests ways to create a more sustainable and effective civil society landscape in South Africa. Here, he elaborates on the organisational agility, leadership and partnerships required to [...]

Embracing advocacy to drive real change

February 19th, 2018|0 Comments

Social justice work advocates for fair distribution of resources, equitable access to Constitutional rights, public and private accountability, and the strengthening of democracy. Chief executive officer of the Social Justice Initiative (SJI), Bongiwe Mlangeni, examines [...]


The Trialogue Knowledge Hub is a freely available online body of knowledge for business and other role-players that invest in socio-economic development, produced through a collaboration of corporate partners, knowledge partners, and Trialogue. 

  • New topic: Shared value, a management strategy in which companies find business opportunities in social problems. Click here to view. 

The Business in Society Handbook – 20th Edition (2017)

Trialogue is proud to present this 20th Handbook. Its name change, from The Trialogue CSI Handbook to The Business in Society Handbook,builds on the publication’s well-established reputation for providing comprehensive and reliable data and thought leadership on corporate social investment (CSI), while also responding to the increasingly holistic role of business within society; encapsulating, but not bound by the concept of CSI.

This commemorative edition reflects on progress, profiles the current state of the CSI sector in South Africa, and draws on two decades of insight to propose future trends and anticipated responsible business practices.



CSI Consulting

CSI Consulting

Our CSI consulting services give companies the strategic support necessary to conduct business with a positive impact. Our offerings are tailored to clients’ unique experience, needs and budgets.

CSI Consulting

Sustainability Consulting

We produce integrated, sustainability and CSI reports for companies, providing a full reporting service, from structuring, information gathering and writing to design, print and delivery.

CSI Consulting

CSI Reporting

Trialogue offers a full CSI reporting service, from information gathering and writing to design, print and delivery. We apply our knowledge of CSI to ensure that the right information is included in clear, compelling editorial.