Assisting British American Tobacco to develop their CSI strategy 2017-12-04T18:41:20+00:00

Project Description

British American Tobacco South Africa (BATSA) has invested substantially in their South African CSI programme over the years. The rationale for this investment was historically been driven by a recognition of the need to contribute to development in South Africa and the broader reputational impact this may have. BATSA recently identified a need to reassess the effectiveness of its developmental investments as well as to conform to the company’s recently introduced global policy guidelines.

Trialogue was commissioned to assist BATSA in revising and developing a road map for its CSI programme. The objectives of this project were to:

  • Develop a high level strategic framework for CSI,
  • Narrow down project alternatives that fit within this strategic framework
  • Develop a road map for implementing the revised strategy

Trialogue consulted the BAT global guidelines as well as national or government developmental priorities – BATSA required that its new programme should be relevant and supportive of South African developmental priorities.

The strategy development process involved research and a series of workshops. Along with guidance from the above documents, BATSA were advised to develop a programme that remained strongly geographically focused in the regions in which BATSA operates, but also developed a national impact through a project that could touch all regions. Furthermore, it was identified that BATSA could tap into the skills set of certain staff members, particularly where knowledge of growing can be shared with developmental projects.

BATSA’s new strategy focuses on fewer, larger projects, the aim of which is to deepen developmental impact. As part of this process, Trialogue helped BATSA to review its exisiting portfolio and identify those projects which did not serve BATSA’s CSI objectives. Trialogue also helped to identify new projects that would support these objectives.

Project Details