Devising and implementing Vodacom’s new CSI strategy 2015-03-24T08:58:12+00:00

Project Description

Upon identifying a need for a CSI strategy more aligned to its business, the Vodacom Foundation commissioned Trialogue to support it in developing and implementing such a strategy. The strategy development process involved research and a series of workshops. It resulted in a strategy focused on Vodacom’s core business – information and communication technology (ICT) – and aiming to harness the power of technology for developmental purposes.

As part of the implementation process, we helped the foundation to review its existing portfolio of projects and identify those misaligned with the new strategy. From this an exit plan spanning a number of years was developed. Trialogue also identified potential new flagship projects that use technology for development in the foundation’s focus areas of education, health, and security.

In order to streamline the foundation’s distribution of funding, we revised and updated some of the grant-making processes and associated tools including the application forms and reporting templates.

Since the development of this strategy the foundation has shifted focus and the majority of its projects are now ICT for development projects. There are also several new programmes that leverage Vodacom’s own technological platforms such as RED ALERT which enables Vodacom customers to donate money to disaster relief efforts directly from their cell phones using an SMS or USSD number.

Aligning its CSI to the business has unlocked value in addition to pure funding – both for the project partners and beneficiaries as well as for the company.

Project Details