Trialogue Strategic CSI Award 2018

This award recognises projects that exemplify best practice in strategic CSI in South Africa.

Strategic CSI is defined as CSI that has positive developmental impact, as well as a significantly positive impact on the business, beyond reputational impact, as shown in Trialogue’s CSI positioning matrix.

Entries close on 12 July 2018.

Please email your completed entry form to Trialogue:

For any queries on submitting an entry, please contact Mahlo Maku on 011 026 1308.

Please note the following strategic CSI award guidelines:

  • All entries need to be typed into the writable pdf entry form and emailed or faxed as per the details above.
  • All entries need to be made by corporate entities.
  • A maximum of two entries can be made by a single corporate; a separate entry form needs to be completed for each CSI project being entered.
  • Companies can enter the same project in multiple years.
  • Entries should be signed off by a CSI manager or executive.
  • Entries should be for well-defined projects/streams of work, rather than large complex programmes where the specific benefits are more difficult to define.
  • Points are awarded for proof/evidence of positive outcomes – both on the corporate and social side. Please ensure that you include proof of the social and business results your project has achieved.
  • Enterprise development (ED) projects that work with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the corporate value chain (procurement or distribution) are excluded from this award. ED projects working with SMEs not in the value chain may be included.

All entries will be reviewed by two independent judges who will select a single CSI project as the winner of the award.

The winning project will be profiled in a double page case study in the 21st edition of The Business in Society Handbook (formerly known as the CSI Handbook), a prize worth R72 000. The project will also be profiled at the 2019 Trialogue Business in Society conference.

Click here to download the entry form. 

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