Trialogue Knowledge Hub: the digital platform for social investment information

The Trialogue Knowledge Hub is a freely available online body of knowledge for business and other role-players that invest in socio-economic development.

Approximately R8.6 billion was spent on corporate social investment in South Africa in 2016. Equivalent magnitudes of funding were made available through private philanthropists and foundations. These investments are likely to be more effective if there is up-to-date research and case studies highlighting learnings and challenges from previous and existing initiatives.

The Trialogue Knowledge Hub will host in-depth, accessible research and information on specific topics across 12 development sectors. It is freely available to anyone that wishes to access the information.

The first topics on the Trialogue Knowledge Hub are:

Financial Literacy, sponsored by MMI.
The vast majority of South Africans do not have enough money to support their lifelong financial journey — at least three quarters of South African households are under financial pressure. This is not necessarily because of income or money shortfalls. It is rather the case of not understanding the power of managing finances, which results in households not planning and managing their capital (or behaviour) optimally.  View this topic

School Leadership and Management, sponsored by Old Mutual.

Effective school management is universally accepted as critical for the success of a school, with lack of leadership considered a main contributor to underperformance and dysfunctionality in schools. This topic addresses why effective leadership is a critical component in a successful education system, and what CSI initiatives are currently achieving. View this topic.

Philanthropy, sponsored by Nedbank Private Wealth.
South Africa finds itself in a period of great societal need, and private giving plays a significant role in addressing this need. This topic looks at research into good giving practices, and insights into how and why people give. View this topic

Maths and Science Education, sponsored by Investec.
Government’s budget for basic education increased from R191.1 billion in 2015 to R205.8 billion in 2016, and education received nearly half of the total CSI expenditure of R8.6 billion in 2016. Despite this, South Africa finished last in the World Economic Forum’s 2016 mathematics and science education ranking. View this topic

Together with content experts, we will continue to develop these topics to share key insights and learnings in order to maximise the impact of social investments. We have several more topics in development, which will be launched over the next few months. We welcome your insights and contributions to the Trialogue Knowledge Hub.


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