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ICT for development

Information and Communications Technologies for Development (ICT4D) aims to harness ICT for socioeconomic development, with particular emphasis on driving impact in low-resource or low-income regions. A panel discussion held at Trialogue’s 2017 Business in Society Conference explored the potential of ICT4D, the impact that new technologies could have for the developing world, as well as the ways in which existing and emerging technologies are currently used, particularly in under-resourced communities. Read more from the plenary session. 

Breakout sessions

ICT in education

ICT is often referenced as a key to unlocking the innovative and impactful delivery of education. A panel discussion held at The Trialogue Business in Society Conference 2017 explored the potential of ICT in education. The discussion also addressed the practical and ongoing challenges to harnessing its full potential – including issues of access, connectivity, resistance by teachers and duplication of efforts due to the lack of cohesion between relevant stakeholders. Read more…

Data for development

Data, collated through sound monitoring and evaluation, is invaluable for non-profit organisations (NPOs) and companies alike to be able to prove the impact of their social development initiatives. As the need for, and variety of approaches to, collecting data grows, so too does the potential for data to provide insight that can be used to gain a better understanding of the quality of initiatives, as well as to improve programme planning and targeting. Read more…

Leveraging digital platforms for relationship building and fundraising

In an age of ever-expanding ICT opportunities, how can the power of digital platforms and social media best be harnessed for effective communication, engagement, behavioural change, long-term relationship building and fundraising? Read more…

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