CSI Handbook 16th ed (2013)

The core of the 2013 CSI Handbook, our 16th edition, will be the analysis of the research that we run with more than 100 companies and 200 NPOs. In it, we reveal trends around funding flows, sector-level investment, development practice, monitoring and evaluation practice, and communicating and reporting on activities, among other topics relevant to the sector. The research is complemented by several feature articles and interviews on pertinent issues in the CSI and development spaces.

The ‘Corporate practice’ chapter comprises corporate case studies, detailing the areas for investment and developmental achievements of some of the country’s biggest companies. Over 70 companies are represented in The CSI Handbook.

The ‘Development sectors’ chapter looks at each of the ten development sectors that we research in more detail. Under each of the sectors we look at ‘big-picture’ figures, which summarise the latest research into context of the issue; the government’s response, which includes policies, budget allocations and the like; and the corporate response, which selects best-practice projects in each sector.

ISBN: 978-0-9921777-1-3


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