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Welcome to Trialogue

Our History

Trialogue was founded by Nick and Vanessa Rockey, and Rob Worthington-Smith in 1999. The early years saw the development of publications and services previously run by the founding team, including the CSI Handbook. Work in the sustainability field began with the development of a Corporate Citizenship Management Rating (CCMR), in partnership with the African Institute of Corporate Citizenship. We wrote our first sustainability report for the National Port Authority in 2001 and in 2004 Trialogue published its first handbook on corporate sustainability, titled The Good Corporate Citizen.

Soon after we made a decision to focus the business entirely on corporate responsibility and since then have tested and launched many new products, including an Environmental Handbook, a Social Map and the Trialogue CSI Conference, now an established annual event. The business continues to evolve by extending and refining its range of products and services within the fields of corporate sustainability and corporate social investment (CSI).

Who are we

Our vision is a society in which businesses anticipate long-term challenges and respond to these responsibly, not only through self-regulation and compliance with the laws of the land, but through inspired leadership that constantly innovates to the benefit of all stakeholders. In this vision, economic growth is sustained and equitable for all citizens.

Our mission is to share our knowledge and use our expertise to support our clients in the fields of corporate social investment (CSI) and sustainability. In so doing we aim to make a significant contribution to improving the impact of business on society, as well as the long-term sustainability of our clients.

Trialogue is a niche consultancy and publisher, providing thought leadership and driving the application of knowledge in the sustainability and corporate social investment (CSI) arenas. We do this through our conferences and forums, publications, client reports and consulting services. Trialogue is well positioned to serve corporates in two markets: business sustainability and CSI.
Integrity – the honesty, transparency and moral compass upon which we conduct our business. This includes guarding confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest, representing clients honestly, editorial independence and ethical moderation of content.

Excellence – the professionalism, quality and knowledge that underpins the value we provide to our clients.

Respect – how we value differences in people to build strength in our immediate relationships, as well as across broader society.

Our thought-leadership work and years of experience in working with South African businesses on corporate responsibility issues, ensures that our consulting solutions are in line with best practice. We have access to a small but highly professional and experienced team, selected and groomed to provide pragmatic solutions that are tailored to client’s specific circumstances and budgets.

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Our partners

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