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24 & 25 MAY      

The Forum, Bryanston, Johannesburg

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This conference explored how, if effectively strategised and supported through mutually beneficial partnerships, CSI spend can contribute to meaningful and sustained development.

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The state of CSI in South Africa and the fundamentals of giving

This presentation, highlighting CSI spending patterns and trends, gave delegates an opportunity to reflect on how their organisations are faring in relation to the rest of the CSI landscape in South Africa.

Presenter: Nick Rockey (Trialogue) – download presentation

The South African Project

This keynote address provided insight and perspective on the state of the country and the role that each sector of society has to play in helping to realise a more equitable and prosperous democratic South Africa.

Speaker: Brian O’Connell (retired rector and vice-chancellor, UWC) – download presentation

Funding innovations 

In an increasingly challenging funding environment non-profit organisations and corporates must find innovative, collaborative and sustainable ways to work together in their efforts towards social development. This panel discussion introduced delegates to three innovations in funding, viz. social impact bonds, social enterprise and blended and alternative funding models.

Panellists: Susan de Witt (Bertha Centre for Social Innovation at Graduate School of Business, UCT), Andrew Millson (Community Capital Africa) and Ian Ross (Hollard)

Monitoring and evaluation 

It is crucial for non-profit organisations and corporates alike to be able to prove the impact that their social development initiatives are having, in order to secure ongoing and possibly increased financial support. This panel discussion brought together corporate, non-profit, foundation and academic perspectives, to explore how monitoring and evaluation can be more holistically incorporated into program-planning and support.

Panellists: Neissan Besharati (Centre for Learning on Evaluation and Results, Wits), Dugan Fraser (RAITH Foundation), Liezemarie Johannes (Corruption Watch) and Namhla Saba (Investec)

Ensuring relevance and adaptability in fundraising and grant-making 

This session explored how collaboration can help to overcome the significant pressures placed both on NPOs (to source funding), as well as on funders (to responsibly and strategically provide support).

Plenary presenter: Cassiem Khan (Faith Action South Africa) – download presentation

Have they lost that lovin’ feeling? The emotional life of a donor

This light-hearted presentation inspired delegates to hone their abilities to craft and/or interpret meaningful and impactful stories for fundraising and grant-making purposes.

Presenter: Sid Peimer (Cape Chamber of Commerce) – download presentation

Collaboration in education 

Drawing from panellists’ experiential insights about what it takes to build meaningful relationships with key stakeholders in education, this session spoke to the art of collaboration, and helped funders, fundraisers and practitioners to think about who they should be working with and what approaches they should employ.

Panellists: Barbara Dale-Jones (BRIDGE), Andile Dube (Zenex Foundation), Godwin Khosa (National Education Collaboration Trust) and Lindiwe Temba (Nedbank)

Skills development and employability

In 2014/15, 52% of 15 to 24 year olds were unemployed. That’s more than four times the rate in sub-Saharan Africa. This session discussed government, business and skills development agency views on the types of partnerships and strategies that are needed to address this national plight.

Panellists: Maryana Iskander (Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator), Sazini Mojapelo (Barclays Africa Group Limited), Makano Morojele (National Business Initiative) and Birgit Vijverberg (National Youth Development Agency)

Aligning the Sustainable Development Goals with African citizens’ priorities

Find out what citizens in 36 African countries, who together represent more than three-fourths of the continent’s population, consider the most important problems that their governments should address and what their priorities are for investing their country’s resources.

Presenter: Anyway Chingwete (Afrobarometer) – download presentation

Inclusive capitalism

This keynote address inspired delegates to think more broadly and holistically about the potential of responsible business for long-term and sustainable economic growth, both in South Africa, and across the continent. It presented the intellectual, political and spiritual case for an inclusive, sustainable economy which, from the World Economic Forum to the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund, world leaders are increasingly pledging their support for.

Speaker: Trudi Makhaya (Makhaya Advisory) – download presentation

State-owned enterprises’ commitment to economic development

Eskom Chairman, Ben Ngubane, offered brief commentary on SOE’s commitment to economic development, in line with the National Development Plan.

Speaker: Ben Ngubane (Eskom)

How employee community involvement can enhance CSI 

This session explored how employee community involvement that is integrated with business and national development priorities can contribute to social and business transformation.

Presenter: Karena Cronin (Charities Aid Foundation Southern Africa) – download presentation

CSI in Africa

CSI in South Africa is well-established and formally driven by the country’s BBBEE Codes. However, with constant potential to improve and innovate, this session will explore what South Africa can learn from its neighbours who are at different stages of entrenching their own approaches to corporate philanthropy. What are the continent’s shared developmental challenges and are there ways to share successful models across borders?

Panellists: Jurgen Brokatzky-Geiger (Novartis International AG), Robert Kuzoe (Scancom Limited, MTN) and Sanda Ojiambo (Safaricom Limited)

Facilitator: Samburu Wa-Shiko (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)

Trialogue Strategic CSI Award

A brief look at what the recipient of the 2015 award did to ensure the positive developmental impact and significant business benefit of its CSI initiative.

Presenters: Pam Richardson (Singita – download presentation) and Anthony Wilson-Prangley (Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria)

Implementation of large-scale renewables in South African communities – Emerging experiences and collaboration opportunities 

For the first time in its history, South Africa is feeding the national electricity grid with electricity generated through utility-scale renewable energy projects. The Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) drives this change and requires private energy companies to commit resources to alleviation of local socio-economic needs. Government requires companies to invest into socio-economic and enterprise development, as well as to share ownership of the renewable energy projects, with legal entities representing local communities in a 50km radius around the sites. This session introduced these requirements in more detail, outline some emerging experiences and discuss the need for multi-stakeholder and cross-sectoral collaboration.

Presenter: Holle Wlokas (UCT, Transformation Energy Trust)

Communicating CSI 

A focus on the development of purposeful organisational culture and purpose-centric customer engagement, with a specific focus on the unique opportunities in the African and South African context, answering the questions; to what extent, and to what end should companies communicate their CSI initiatives?

Presenter: Shani Kay (Regency Foundation Networx)

ICT in education

Does ICT have the potential to significantly improve education in South Africa? If so, what are the aspects required to help realise impact, and what role should business play in helping to drive this potential solution?

Panellists: Ben-Carl Havemann (The Reach Trust), Mthobeli Tengimfene (Vodacom Foundation) and Steve Vosloo (Pearson)

Conscious giving

This panel discussion unpacked the concept of conscious giving, as an approach whereby emotional and human conditions are properly understood and managed through project interventions.

Panellists: Taddy Blecher (Maharishi Institute), Tobeka Madiba Zuma (Tobeka Madiba Zuma Foundation), Salma Seedat (GreaterCapital) and Gary Shearer (The Saville Foundation)

Trialogue Donors’ Den 2016

Adapted from the internationally acclaimed Dragons’ Den television series, this interactive session gave three carefully-selected NPOs the unique opportunity to pitch a specific project to a panel of donors, and receive detailed feedback, empowering them with expert advice about how to hone their pitching and fundraising skills.

Presenters: Oaitse Audrey Montshiwa (St. Joseph’s Care and Support Trust – download presentation), Nishen Naicker (SA National Council for the Blind – download presentation) and Sophie Olivier (The Sozo Foundation – download presentation)

Judges: Chris Bornman (Eskom Foundation), Angie Maloka (MTN SA Foundation) and Mthobeli Tengimfene (Vodacom Foundation)

Facilitator: Nick Rockey (Trialogue)


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