CSI Advisory

Trialogue supports its clients in making their CSI practices more effective through its end-to-end consulting process, which covers strategy development and implementation, stakeholder engagement, management and measurements systems, benchmarking and evaluation.

Specific CSI consulting services include:

  • Presenting to boards and executives on CSI trends and the business case for CSI
  • Developing company-specific CSI policies and strategies
  • Supporting companies to implement CSI strategies
  • Benchmarking and strategically positioning CSI programmes and projects
  • Developing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks and conducting project evaluations
  • Assisting with CSI communications
  • Training executives and staff on CSI practices

Trialogue’s CSI strategy refresh offerings in response to COVID-19

The urgency with which all sectors of society must act to address South Africa’s gaping socioeconomic divide is only reinforced by Covid-19. The environment has changed irreversibly in the past few months and corporate social investment (CSI) needs to adjust to the new and growing societal needs as well as the additional resources or constraints on the business. Read more about our strategy refresh offering. 

Contact Nick Rockey (021 671 1640) or Cathy Duff (011 026 1308) for any consulting business.

Examples of Trialogue’s CSI Consulting Services