Editor's note – Sustainability Review Issue 12: May 2013

When Trialogue was launched as a business in 2000, we had to think of a pay-off line that best reflected the promise of our brand. We came up with: ‘Making knowledge work’. Little did we realise then just how much we would be made to work over the next decade and more as we assisted companies get to grips with sustainability.

Thirteen years later, as we come of age, we find ourselves in the cauldron of the economy, a place where businesses strive to provide a return to shareholders, while being held to account for their governance and their behaviour towards society and the environment.

As the country shudders closer towards the edge of uncertainty, a region crosses in and out of social unrest, investor panic and political immobility, we put all our heads together at Trialogue and decided our new pay-off line should be: ‘Supporting better business.’ These words now underline our logo wherever it appears, and we hope we can live up to this declaration internally as well as in service of our clients.

Coincidently, James Motlatsi and Bobby Godsell recently launched the Active Citizens Charter, in which they invite the average citizen to take part in the renewal of South Africa. This renewal, they declare, is required “in politics, in government, in business, labour and the media.”

In this edition of the Sustainability Review, we challenge a variety of stakeholders that can play a key role in renewing our country: leaders, asset managers, and the diverse users of our scarcest resource, fresh water. On page 10 we speak to Brand Pretorius on the concept of servant leadership; on page 4 we ask how allocators of capital can invest more responsibly to secure our long-term future; on page 8 we unlock the need for partnerships between users of water – the energy sector, providers of food and communities; and lastly, on page 12, we examine how big business can play its part in helping small business.

Join the Active Citizens Charter at www.Citizens.ZA.com.

Download the full Sustainability Review supplement by clicking on this link.

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