Second quarterly Sustainability Review of 2010 (supplement to the Financial Mail)

Did you know that BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the biggest ever environmental disaster in the U.S., damaging thousands of square miles of marine and wildlife habitats, and paralysing the Gulf’s fishing and tourism industries? Did you know that if the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland blew its top all year round, it still wouldn’t cause as much environmental damage as the carbon emissions from a small country the size of Austria? Are you aware that South Africa is the 13th-largest emitter of carbon and other climate-changing greenhouse gases?

Our planet is heading for environmental crisis. The consumption habits and aspirations of almost seven billion people are depleting the availability of food, water, clean air and other natural resources; our activities are wreaking havoc through pollution, global warming, deforestation and biodiversity loss.

Big business, small business, any business, can no longer pretend that we are not all part of the problem. Nor can we posture feebly about our commitment by turning off head office lights at night or recycling office paper, for example. We need to integrate sustainable business thinking with strategy, stakeholder relations and risk management; we need to view sustainability as a set of opportunities and a route to competitive differentiation, in this way serving the long-term interests of both shareholders and society.

Compiled each quarter, The Trialogue Sustainability Review brings different perspectives on this important topic to Financial Mail readers. In this edition, follow some of the reports, events and corporate actions of the past quarter hyperlink that are helping to shape sustainable business practice. Read how sustainability reporting hyperlink is moving into the mainstream through integration with the company annual report. Examine some specific sustainability-related considerations facing the mining sector hyperlink.

Often, it is media-fuelled controversies about sustainability issues that bring companies to their knees. Follow Trialogue and Media Tenor’s Sustainability Coverage Monitor hyperlink, which assesses quarterly corporate media reputations based on sustainability coverage in our mainstream media.

These and other stories will keep you abreast of the sustainability agenda and how you can profit by remaining ahead of the pack. Each quarter, follow the Trialogue Sustainability Review for the latest developments, figure out the opportunities for your business, and make informed decisions.

Don’t forget to talk to us about your involvement in the next edition. This FM supplement reaches 30 000 highly influential readers. Associate your brand with progressive thinking and act for positive change in South Africa.


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