Be part of the solution, join the Fortunate 500 Club

Many businesses consider it a notable achievement to be on the ‘Fortune500’ list. But there’s a new club in town that’s more about what companies do with their fortune, than about how much revenue they make.
LEAP Science & Maths Schools have initiated The Fortunate 500 Club for corporates who want to partner profit and philanthropy. The Fortunate 500 Club gives corporates and citizens a chance to be part of a different, positive, active voice and give a clear message to South Africans: Your support enables LEAP to support high quality education for the most disadvantaged young people.

By participating in the challenge grant, individuals and corporates make a statement acknowledging their fortunes, but set an example of using this fortunate position for greater good.

To find out more about The Fortunate 500 Club, log onto or email

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