Trialogue Knowledge Hub

The Trialogue Knowledge Hub provides social investors with relevant, up-to-date content, research, and case studies to allow them to make more informed, evidence-based decisions about their social investments. A freely available online platform, the Trialogue Knowledge Hub is a comprehensive and growing body of knowledge on topics across numerous development sectors, including education, enterprise development, and water and sanitation.

Corporate partners select sector-specific topics that they wish to sponsor, receiving the exclusive branding rights of that topic, as well as regular consultation on the content development thereof. The corporate partner is also invited to profile their own work related to the topic, through case studies and interviews.

Topic Highlights

South Africa’s prompt response to the threat of the spread of Covid-19 has received global praise. However, the country remains particularly vulnerable to the pandemic. How business and the development sector respond to the pandemic is a key feature of several topics.

  • Business Response to Covid-19: We examine the business responses of companies that have supported their staff, customers, small businesses, communities, and the most vulnerable in society.
  • Enterprise Development: The global recession and the high level of unemployment have made investment in enterprise development increasingly important.
  • Water and Sanitation: Sustainability and access to these key resources are vital to keep communities safe.
  • Philanthropy: In a time of increasing need, this topic looks at how anyone can act with philanthropic intent for the sake of the public good.

With education receiving the vast majority of CSI spend, we host a variety of topics delving into how to effectively invest in this crucial area.

  • ICT in Education: Bridging the digital divide is essential to achieve our 4IR goals.
  • Maths and Science: Improving the quality of STEM education supports development, economic prosperity and industrialisation in the country.
  • Teacher Development: Quality education depends on how effective teachers are.
  • School Leadership and Management: The success of any intervention in a school starts with quality school leadership.

Other key topics on the Knowledge Hub include:

  • Monitoring and Evaluation: An important tool to ensure the effectiveness of investments and interventions.
  • Capacity Building at Local Municipalities: How businesses can support municipalities to improve service delivery, quality of life, opportunities for community development, as well as business operations and growth.
  • ICT for Gender: Empowering women to participate in the information society is vital for South Africa to become competitive in 4IR.

Contribute to the Knowledge Hub

Trialogue Knowledge Hub sponsors receive a branded topic site covering the business case for supporting the topic; multimedia insights from topic experts and sponsor company representatives; examples and case studies of lead practice for investing in this area; research from the Trialogue Business in Society Handbook; and accessible summaries of relevant policies, research and evaluations.

In addition, sponsors receive at least one case study showcasing the work of the sponsor company, an opinion piece drafted by Trialogue based on an interview with a company executive, and the opportunity to co-brand and participate in one of Trialogue’s monthly webinars.

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