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The Trialogue Knowledge Hub is an online portal that will serve as a lead practice body of knowledge for business and other role-players that invest in socio-economic development.

It provides a vehicle for companies that recognise the societal value of driving thought leadership in the social investment and development space.

Approximately R8.6 billion was spent on corporate social investment in South Africa
in 2016. Equivalent magnitudes of funding are being made available through private
philanthropists and foundations. These investments are likely to be more effective if there is quality, relevant information available on previous and existing initiatives, with up- to-date research and case studies highlighting learnings and challenges.

Trialogue aims to grow the Knowledge Hub into a rich body of knowledge, and to ensure that it reaches the right target audience that can apply lessons learnt to maximise the impact of social investments.

This will be achieved by:

• Hosting in-depth, easily-accessible research and information on specific topics across twelve development sectors;
• Ensuring content is up-to-date and relevant; and
• Directly interfacing with lead thinkers in select fields to help curate content.