Compiling Sanlam’s 2014 Sustainability Report 2017-12-04T18:41:11+00:00

Project Description

Building on the work Trialogue has done with Sanlam in developing a framework for managing its material issues, Trialogue undertook to compile and write Sanlam’s 2014 Annual Sustainability Report. The company chose to produce a separate sustainability report aimed at a range of stakeholders, including regulators, providers of financial capital, clients, employees, agents and brokers, as well as broader society.

Following the GRI G4 reporting guidelines, Sanlam’s report is structured around five key areas: sound governance, people development, responsible products and services, prosperous society and environmental impact. Each section describes why the issue is important, the linkage to business strategy, what Sanlam is doing to ensure the responsible stewardship of the issue, and a performance report against key indicators.

Sustainability management and reporting is a journey of continuous evaluation, strategy and improvement. in the next cycle, Sanlam will be further developing its key performance indicators and their monitoring and reporting systems to more accurately reflect the company’s performance against its most material issues.

Sanlam has been a prominent member of the South Africa business landscape since 1918, offering a range of services that include: life insurance, general insurance, investment management, credit and structuring, administration, health and other financial services. Total wealth accumulated stands at R140 billion, 80% of which is distributed to policyholders.