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Project Description

In 2015 we call on development practitioners to Make It Different: to create change by embracing innovation and learning from others. If what we are doing is not getting the results we’re aiming for, it is time to take bold steps. Let’s learn how to Make It Different in 2015.

In its eighth year, the Trialogue CSI Conference will showcase organisations doing it right (and how they can do it better) and share fresh ideas and trends to inspire you. Discussions are led by expert speakers and designed for delegate participation.
Breakaway sessions are organised in five streams:

Global trends: These are those big ideas that influence development across the world: how can we apply them in South Africa?

Improving education: Almost all companies support education and almost half of CSI spend is directed to it: let’s get it right!

Tools for development: With the right tools – whether an online database or an M&E framework – the job gets done quicker and better.

Financing and funding: Development initiatives are not the only area where innovation can happen – organisations need to look at new sources of funding and new models to attract it.

Working with communities: Ultimately, development is about people: How we mobilise them and how we serve them.

Our invited keynote speaker this year will be Madhav Chavan, Co-Founder and CEO of the Pratham Education Foundation – one of the largest NGOs in India – and recipient of the “Nobel of education”, the WISE Prize.

For more information, visit the Trialogue CSI Conference page.

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