First quarterly Sustainability Review of 2011 – a supplement to the Financial Mail

It is clear that the planet is under enormous strain environmentally and socially, as 7 billion people try to co-exist while consuming finite resources. Business is part of the problem and, potentially, the solution. We need to integrate sustainable business thinking with corporate strategy, stakeholder relations and risk management. We need to view sustainability as a set of opportunities and a route to competitive differentiation, in this way serving the long-term interests of both shareholders and society. The quarterly Trialogue Sustainability Review brings different perspectives on these issues to the Financial Mail’s 30 000 readers.

We lead our fourth edition, carried in the Financial Mail on 17 February 2011, with an overview of integrated reporting and a framework for implementing it, which was recently released for discussion. We highlight some of the reports, legislation and events from the past quarter that highlight and impact the increasing risks business faces. We look back on the companies setting the benchmarks in 2010 with our feature on sustainability awards.

Often, it is media-fuelled controversies about sustainability issues that bring companies to their knees. Trialogue and Media Tenor’s Sustainability Coverage Monitor analyses mainstream media to reveal the positive and negative newsmakers of 2010.

2011 started with a shock for Trialogue with the death of our colleague, the editor of this publication, Andy Freemantle. Andy was a man of great integrity, intellect and warmth, who made a significant contribution to the discourse on sustainability in South Africa. We will miss him terribly.


SR4_Who were 2010’s biggest sustainability newsmakers?

SR4_Quarterly review

SR4_Recognising leadership in sustainability

SR4_The One report: King III

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