Trialogue joins The Exchange collective by CECP

Trialogue recently become a member of an international collective of organisations that working in corporate community investment called The Exchange. The Exchange was initiated by the USA-based CECP to encourage information sharing and peer learning among domestic organisations with similar missions. Existing members comprise of leading service providers from countries spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. CECP was also inspired by the uptake of its global definition of qualified recipients, through the Global Guide.

The Exchange members are primarily non-profit, non-governmental organizations, but also some private consultancies. The collective provides a structured forum for its members to connect more deeply on shared missions by exchanging insights, trends, research, event information, and referrals within their country. This helps to provide members with on-the-ground knowledge on CSR in countries where they seek to expand their programmes.

CECP also seeks global benchmarking research (Giving Around the Globe). New research performed aims to complement or expand on local benchmarking efforts, not to replace it. Topics of interest include:

  • Giving / contributions / societal investment (cash and non-cash)
  • Employee engagement
  • Benchmarking
  • International beneficiaries / grantees
  • Assessing impact (evaluation)

Current members form part of a cross-sector organisation known as WINGS which serves the international philanthropy community. WINGS is a globally known “network of networks” that sets up “affinity groups” to address the specific needs of certain sub-groups of their membership, for example, community foundations. WINGS is interested in helping coordinate and having the Exchange as one of its affinity groups. Membership goal is to keep the group small enough in order to allow meaningful communications while still representing all major markets of the globe. WINGS members include:

  • Admical (France)
  • Beyond Philanthropy (Germany)
  • Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy (India)
  • CECP (USA)
  • China Foundation Center
  • Comunitas (Brazil)
  • Dasra (India)
  • Korea Productivity Center
  • Trialogue (South Africa)

Other similar groups are currently being sought for participation.

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