Third quarterly Sustainability Review of 2011 – a supplement to the Financial Mail

Every year winter brings home the cost and constraints of our energy supply and, with COP 17 around the corner, cleaner and more efficient energy is more on the agenda than ever. Our lead feature looks at smart energy use for competitive advantage (and reduced environmental impact, of course) (p.2).
We look at the new codes and regulations influencing the investment sphere in our feature on responsible investment and the shift to long-term value (p. 8). Environment, social and governance (ESG) indicators are becoming more mainstream – what does this mean for company strategy and reporting?

Management guru Michael Porter has, together with Mark Kramer, floated a new sustainability concept: Creating shared value (CSR). It has not been altogether well received. Read what the pundits have to say in our Sustainability Debate feature on p. 16.

In our regular Sustainability Coverage Monitor (p.18), Trialogue’s partner Media Tenor analyses sustainability coverage in corporate news over the first half of the year. The retail sector, predictably, has dominated the discussion in recent months, but there are other trends emerging too. As usual, we look at the stats and facts from the past three months in our Quarter That Was dashboard (p.6).

This quarter’s Sustainability Icon (p.12), Bobby Godsell, speaks out about labour, workplace equity and excessive executive pay. We have five copies of the book he wrote with James Motlatsi – Do It!: Every South African’s Guide to Making a Difference – to give away to readers who send us their feedback on the Trialogue Sustainability Review.

We hope that this, the sixth edition of the Sustainability Review, inspires you to keep your organisation actively engaged with broader societal issues.


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