Business as a catalyst for change

Charlotte Mokoena, executive vice president for Human Resources and Public Affairs at Sasol, shared at The Trialogue Business in Society Conference 2019 that Sasol aims to be a catalyst for social change by investing in social initiatives with sustained and long-lasting impact. The company’s approach is to map out the stakeholders that influence and are influenced by the company, and identify where their interests intersect. For Sasol, this includes it’s employees, fence-line communities, local and national government.

Businesses that make a positive contribution to society and create value beyond profits are also more attractive employers. According to Mokoena, research shows that millennials are twice as likely to invest in companies with social and environmental strategies. In line with this, staff engagement with Sasol’s For Good Employee Volunteer Programme continues to rise.

Sasol’s social investment programmes are aligned with local drivers that include supporting education at all levels, job creation, reducing the company’s environmental impact, increasing local procurement, focusing on vocational skills and small-, medium- and micro-sized enterprise (SMME) development, as well as collaborating with municipalities for improved service delivery. Sasol also supports Banyana Banyana, creating local role models for South Africa’s young girls and women.

Some of Sasol’s CSI highlights in the 2018 financial year included:

  • Increasing its reach to six million learners and teachers through its science, technology, English and maths education support programmes in South Africa and Mozambique
  • Supporting over 900 students through its bursary programme
  • Developing over 60 new textbook titles
  • Reaching 25 000 children through its ECD programmes.

IMAGE: Charlotte Mokoena (Sasol executive VP for Human Resources and Corporate Affairs at Sasol)

Article written by Rebecca Mhere

Photo taken by Cobus Oosthuizen


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