Our client philosophy

Trialogue works with companies to improve their impact on society and the environment, through its knowledge-sharing platforms and advisory services. By so doing, it helps to enhance their brand reputation. This statement represents Trialogue’s position on the nature of the client work we undertake and the clients we work with.

Our vision: A society in which businesses anticipate long-term challenges and respond to these responsibly, not only through self-regulation and compliance with the laws of the land, but through inspired leadership that constantly innovates to benefit all stakeholders. In this vision, economic growth is sustained and equitable for all citizens.

Our mission: To share our knowledge and use our expertise to support our clients in the fields of corporate social investment (CSI) and sustainability. In so doing, we aim to make a significant contribution to improving the impact of business on society, as well as the long-term sustainability of our clients.

Our approach: Trialogue promotes a philosophy of shared value and purpose-driven business, with a view to reducing negative societal impacts while advancing positive ones. We drive change by providing advisory services directly to companies and profiling good work on our thought leadership platforms. Our approach differs from that of activism, which seeks to uncover and expose negative impacts of organisations as a means of effecting change.

Inclusivity: Trialogue recognises that whereas all businesses have both positive and negative impacts, businesses in certain sectors have higher negative impacts because of the nature of their business. However, we believe that all companies can refine and adopt practices to enhance positive impacts and mitigate negative ones. As such Trialogue works with any legitimate business that seeks to make a positive change.

Integrity of representation: Trialogue makes every effort not to be complicit in false messaging or obfuscation of the truth. While respecting that a client is responsible for its own corporate communications, we use our influence to encourage honest and transparent disclosures. We will not collaborate with a client to deliberately hide or disguise unfavourable business practice.

Conflicts of interest: To avoid conflicts of interest from arising, Trialogue will:

  • Not engage in fundraising advice or support for non-profit organisations or any other third party;
  • Conduct our work with organisations, particularly those in the same sector, from first principles, applying our intellectual property and consulting models to individual company circumstances, thus ensuring that outcomes are unique to the organisation we support; and
  • Be transparent regarding who we work with, the nature of work undertaken, and the period during which the work was undertaken.

Confidentiality of information: Trialogue will treat all client information received and all client deliverables generated as confidential. Trialogue will sign a non-disclosure agreement if required as a condition of service.

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