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Working for Trialogue

We offer a work environment that encourages self-initiative, guided by high-level structures, tested methodologies and clearly defined goals. We typically work in teams and come together easily to share problems, probe issues and ask questions. Learning is an ongoing process at Trialogue and we believe that people who have been with us for some time will have progressed their career CV significantly.

Call for expression of interest: Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) professional

We are looking for a consultant, working from our Johannesburg office, to advance our work in monitoring and evaluation.

Requirements are:

  • Undergraduate degree with post-graduate qualifications in the field of M&E
  • Interest and experience in social development
  • Analytical ability
  • Experience in leading substantive M&E assignments for development agencies and or government

Application process and offer: 

Please send a CV and application letter, detailing your interest in writing for Trialogue, as well as your hourly consulting rate, to

Call for expression of interest: Consultant writer

We are looking for competent consultant writers, based in Johannesburg, to work on sustainability and CSI projects. Tasks will be commissioned on a per-project, contractual basis.


  • Degree in environmental science, sustainability, business or related field
  • Experience in business report writing, including integrated and sustainability reporting
  • Experience and interest in CSI and sustainability
  • Analytical skills
  • Excellent writing skills

Application process and offer: 

Please send a CV and application letter, detailing your interest in writing for Trialogue, as well as your hourly consulting rate, to

Typical job descriptions

Most assignments require interaction or field work with clients and office-bound work to research and write reports. We have two offices, in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and expect most office-bound work to be done in the office, as it contributes to the team spirit and facilitates communication.

Our team is comprised of a combination of full-time employees and independent contractors and many of our employees started out working with us as independent consultants, undertaking project evaluation work, or writing articles.

If you are interested in working with Trialogue either as an employee or contractor, send your CV as well as a covering letter of between 300 and 500 words motivating why you want to work for Trialogue and how you think you could add value to

Who are we

Our vision is a society in which businesses anticipate long-term challenges and respond to these responsibly, not only through self-regulation and compliance with the laws of the land, but through inspired leadership that constantly innovates to the benefit of all stakeholders. In this vision, economic growth is sustained and equitable for all citizens.

Our mission is to share our knowledge and use our expertise to support our clients in the fields of corporate social investment (CSI) and sustainability. In so doing we aim to make a significant contribution to improving the impact of business on society, as well as the long-term sustainability of our clients.

Trialogue is a niche consultancy and publisher, providing thought leadership and driving the application of knowledge in the sustainability and corporate social investment (CSI) arenas. We do this through our conferences and forums, publications, client reports and consulting services. Trialogue is well positioned to serve corporates in two markets: business sustainability and CSI.
Integrity – the honesty, transparency and moral compass upon which we conduct our business. This includes guarding confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest, representing clients honestly, editorial independence and ethical moderation of content.

Excellence – the professionalism, quality and knowledge that underpins the value we provide to our clients.

Respect – how we value differences in people to build strength in our immediate relationships, as well as across broader society.

Our thought leadership work and years of experience in working with South African businesses on corporate responsibility issues, ensures that our consulting solutions are in line with best practice. We have access to a small but highly professional and experienced team, selected and groomed to provide pragmatic solutions that are tailored to client’s specific circumstances and budgets.