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Trialogue’s wrap-around offering provides corporate clients with the opportunity to profile their work and share their insight with peers in the development sector, reinforcing their messaging and commitment to development in print – in The Trialogue Business in Society Handbook; online – on The Trialogue Knowledge Hub and Trialogue website; and through The Trialogue Business in Society Conference and Trialogue webinars. Together, these integrated knowledge-sharing platforms collate a wealth of information that is delivered to a broad audience.

The overarching theme for our 2021 knowledge-sharing platforms will be Building Back Better, which will explore how we can build a more equitable, inclusive, and greener society. We will consider the role of business and non-profits in contributing to the economic recovery and addressing some of South Africa’s most pressing social issues. We saw almost unprecedented levels of collaboration in 2020 and will consider how we can ensure that a more lasting social compact between government, business and civil society is forged.

Corporate clients interested in profiling their CSI and shared value initiatives, positioning their brands as thought leaders in the responsible business sector and, importantly, contributing to knowledge-sharing that aims to enhance developmental outcomes and sustainability, are invited to partner with Trialogue on a holistic thought leadership strategy.