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Trialogue supports its clients in making their responsible business practices more effective. We do this through our end-to-end consulting process, which covers sustainability (ESG) and CSI strategy development and implementation, stakeholder engagement, management and measurements systems, benchmarking, and monitoring and evaluation.  

Our experienced corporate reporting team assists clients in producing integrated reports, sustainability reports, and social impact reports.  Trialogue is a member of the Integrated Reporting Committee of SA and we serve on its working group that responds to the latest national and global reporting developments. 

Our thought-leadership work and years of experience in working with South African businesses on corporate responsibility issues ensures that our consulting solutions are in line with best practice. We have a highly professional and experienced team, selected and trained to provide pragmatic solutions that are tailored to client’s specific circumstances and budgets.

Our services include:



Trialogue offers a full reporting service, which includes a focus on authenticity and transparency. We support our clients in meeting the various regulatory codes and standards, while rising above compliance- based reporting.

Specific corporate reporting services include integrated reporting, sustainability reporting, and social impact reporting, with a full range of support from concept design, information collection, writing and editing, through to print management and delivery.

For further information on corporate reporting services contact Trialogue (info@trialogue.co.za).

ESG ADVISORY: A purpose-led integrated thinking approach

Integrated reporting is an outcome of how an organisation applies sustainable business principles throughout the organisation. A report that is not built on a foundation of active progress in sustainability will likely show limitations in depth and credibility. It is important therefore that in compiling an integrated report, a perspective of how the organisation is driving sustainable business practice – such as material environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters – is core to the messaging of the report.

Our sustainability services focus on the concept of integrated thinking to embed ESG and sustainability into an organisation – and to provide advisory services to embed this into an organisation’s external corporate reports. Our integrated thinking framework underpins our advisory services, including a gap analysis process to assess positioning and practices as viewed against lead practice, benchmarking of positioning against peer companies, development of an ESG/sustainability management framework and a strategy roadmap. We offer advisory support in advancing sustainability practices and processes, covering elements such as sustainability positioning, conscious adoption of standards and codes, materiality and stakeholder engagement processes, internal management accountability and performance tracking, and internal and external communication.

Our partnership with Thompson Harrison has enabled us to enhance our integrated thinking methodology to assess purpose-led integrated thinking across five core areas. Thompson Harrison have significant experience working with purpose, helping client organisations to articulate, evolve, and activate a clear and ambitious purpose.

For further information on ESG advisory services contact Trialogue (info@trialogue.co.za).


We work with companies, development agencies, other funders and non-profit organisations to maximise the impact of development programmes. Our monitoring and evaluation (M&E) services support clients to determine what impact their development projects are having on society and on themselves, and to share this with external stakeholders.

For further information on monitoring & evaluation services contact Judith Matthis (judith@trialogue.co.za).


Our social impact advisory services include developing company-specific CSI policies and strategies and supporting companies to implement their strategies. Support includes help with identifying new projects or programmes, benchmarking, developing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks, ongoing monitoring support, conducting project and programme evaluations, and strategically positioning CSI programmes and projects on Trialogue’s shared value strategic CSI Matrix. We offer presentations to boards and executives on CSI trends and practices.

In addition to leveraging Trialogue’s knowledge-sharing platforms, we can also assist with your responsible business communications strategy and collateral.

For further information on social impact advisory services contact Judith Matthis (judith@trialogue.co.za).