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Our Services

Trialogue has over 20 years of experience in the CSI sector in South Africa and we have supported many leading South African companies with their CSI strategies and project reviews. We also interview over 100 corporates on their CSI practices each year and have built up a comprehensive database of CSI practices in South Africa. We have embedded our unique knowledge of this field in the design of the CSI strategic positioning matrix.

CSI Advisory

Trialogue supports its clients in making their CSI practices more effective through its end-to-end consulting process, which covers strategy development and implementation, stakeholder engagement, management and measurements systems, benchmarking and evaluation.

Specific CSI consulting services include:

  • Presenting to boards and executives on CSI trends and the business case for CSI
  • Developing company-specific CSI policies and strategies
  • Supporting companies to implement CSI strategies
  • Benchmarking and strategically positioning CSI programmes and projects
  • Developing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks and conducting project evaluations
  • Assisting with CSI communications
  • Training executives and staff on CSI practices

Trialogue’s CSI strategy refresh offerings in response to COVID-19

The urgency with which all sectors of society must act to address South Africa’s gaping socioeconomic divide is only reinforced by Covid-19. The environment has changed irreversibly in the past few months and corporate social investment (CSI) needs to adjust to the new and growing societal needs as well as the additional resources or constraints on the business. Read more about our strategy refresh offering. 

Contact Nick Rockey (021 671 1640) or Cathy Duff (011 026 1308) for any consulting business.

Examples of Trialogue’s CSI Consulting Services:

Integrated Thinking Advisory

Trialogue provides support on embedding elements of sustainable business based on our holistic integrated thinking model. Analysis of a corporate performance against this model assists companies in identifying actions and processes that can be improved to advance internal integrated thinking across the business.

Specific integrated thinking and sustainability services include:

  • Gap analysis to assess positioning and practices as viewed against lead practice, undertaken based on public domain information or in more depth through an internal engagement process
  • Benchmarking of positioning against peer companies
  • Development of a sustainability strategy and roadmap, incorporating management workshops to reflect on performance, identification of easy wins and development of a roadmap plan
  • Advisory support in advancing practice and processes, covering elements such as sustainability positioning, conscious adoption of standards and codes, materiality and stakeholder engagement processes, internal management accountability and performance tracking and internal and external communication.

An example of our work in integrated thinking includes the benchmarking, analysis and review process for the V&A Waterfront.

Contact Nick Rockey or Matthew Le Cordeur (021 671 1640) to enquire about our service offering.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Trialogue currently offers a range of monitoring and evaluation services to private sector companies, non-profit organisations (NPOs), government departments and State-Owned Entities, including:

  • Developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks for organisations and/ or specific projects and programmes.
  • Ongoing monitoring support – providing quality checks and assurance on veracity of information collected; assistance with reporting to variance stakeholders in the business.
  • Conducting of project and programme evaluations, including diagnostic, design, implementation, outcomes and impact evaluations. Trialogue has also developed a scoring tool for rapid reviews.
  • Benchmarking and strategically positioning CSI programmes and projects on a spectrum of both social and corporate benefit.

Trialogue’s approach to evaluations builds on the logic model (theory of change) and incorporates an assessment of the shared value or business alignment of the programmes. Over the years we have created and refined our methodologies and tools so that they assess both the developmental and business impact of CSI programmes and project.

Corporate Reporting

Trialogue offers a full reporting service which includes a focus on authenticity and transparency. We support our clients in meeting the various regulatory codes and standards, whilst rising above any form of compliance-based reporting.

Specific corporate reporting services include:

  • Integrated reporting (including financial results), sustainability reporting and social impact reporting
  • A full range of services from concept design, information collection, writing, editing, proofing, design, photography to print management and delivery
  • Advisory support that advances lead practice before and through the reporting cycle, such as gap analysis and benchmarking, materiality and stakeholder engagement assessments (See Integrated Thinking Advisory service offering).

Examples of Trialogue’s corporate reporting services:

Contact Matthew Le Cordeur (021 671 1640) for enquiries relating to your corporate reporting requirements.