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Report Compilation

Trialogue offers a full reporting service that includes a focus on authenticity and transparency. We support our clients in meeting the various regulatory codes and standards, whilst rising above any form of compliance-based reporting. 

Specific corporate reporting services include: 

  • Integrated reporting (including financial results), sustainability reporting and social impact reporting 
  • Advisory support that advances lead practice before and through the reporting cycle, such as gap analysis and benchmarking, materiality and stakeholder engagement assessments.  
  • A full range of services from concept design, information collection, writing, editing, proofing, design, photography to print management and delivery 

Reporting Advisory

Our approach to reporting  leads with advisory support as a means of advancing lead practice through each reporting cycle.  

While this includes the standard gap analysis and benchmarking, we also support materiality and stakeholder engagement assessments to enable adherence to lead and recognised practice. Trialogue has developed the Integrated Sustainability Model as part of our advisory service offering which provides valuable insights to the reporting process. This is explained in more detail in Sustainability Advisory.

Our experience stretches back to the early 2000’s, when we assisted early adopters to sustainability reporting. Our experience in integrating reporting evolved over time with the introduction of the International Integrated Reporting Council’s Framework. We are a member of the Integrated Reporting Committee of South Africa, where we engage with peers on continuously improving the reporting framework. 

We provide a tried-and-tested information collection and writing process that works in collaboration with our clients and our design agencies partners who have excellent credentials and capabilities in reporting. 

We work seamlessly to ensure completeness, accuracy and innovation and a smooth and professional experience. We are able to support clients’ photography and website design requirements.

Examples of Trialogue’s corporate reporting services