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Trialogue currently offers a range of monitoring and evaluation services to private sector companies, non-profit organisations (NPOs), government departments and State-Owned Entities, including:

  • Developing M&E frameworks: We facilitate processes with clients and their project partners to determine the objectives, activities, outputs, outcomes and intended impact of development projects. The indicators for each of these are agreed, together with data collection methods, frequencies and responsibilities. Deliverables include high level M&E frameworks, information gathering tools and reporting templates.
  • Reviewing development projects and programmes: Our methodology for reviewing the performance of development projects involves scoring projects across several predetermined elements, enabling a comparative performance rating for different projects. A detailed report that assesses the design of projects, project implementation and achievement of objectives is provided, together with the quantification of outcomes and impact where supporting evidence has been collected.
  • Positioning CSI projects: The Trialogue Strategic CSI Positioning Matrix allows us to assess and position CSI projects on a spectrum of both social and corporate benefit, in line with shared value thinking. The analysis and location of CSI projects on the matrix can be used to inform strategic decisions, such as whether to expand or exit projects, and to track changes in positioning over time. It also provides information that can be used to identify project elements that conform to, or fall short of, lead practice.
  • Benchmarking development programmes: We can benchmark development programmes against similar programmes, be they programmes that demonstrate best practice or those of peers or competitors, allowing clients to compare and position their programmes, as well as to identify programmatic strengths and areas for improvement.

Trialogue’s approach to evaluations builds on the logic model (theory of change) and incorporates an assessment of the shared value or business alignment of the programmes. Over the years we have created and refined our methodologies and tools so that they assess both the developmental and business impact of CSI programmes and project.

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