The 2016 CSI Handbook – 19th Edition – FREE Download

The Trialogue CSI Handbook provides reliable data and thought leadership on corporate social investment (CSI) and is intended as a resource for enhancing the impact and sustainability of social development in South Africa.

This edition has a special focus on the recently adopted Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) referenced throughout the publication, helping to position local developmental issues within a global context.

Chapter 1: The state of CSI

The most noteworthy results from Trialogue’s annual CSI research into spending patterns and approaches to development.

Chapter 2: Focus on development

Corporate and governmental support of various development sectors, with relevant SDGs (which are cross-cutting in design), also detailed per sector.

Chapter 3: Corporate practice

A closer look at select companies’ approaches to CSI and their key lessons in development.

Chapter 4: Trends and topics

An overview of innovations in CSI, a summary of global corporate giving, approaches to CSI in Africa, criteria applied to determine strategic CSI, and a profile of the recipient of Trialogue’s annual Strategic CSI Award.

Chapter 5: Sustainable Development Goals

An introduction to the 17 SDGs, lessons from the Millennium Development Goals, a comparison of local, continental and global development agendas, and a look at business strategies for engaging the SDGs.


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