CSI Handbook 17th ed (2014)

2014 marks 20 years of democracy, and The Trialogue CSI Handbook has been there almost all the way. This year we publish the 17th edition of this invaluable resource, which features research, case studies and best practice in the field of corporate social investment.

The core of the Handbook is our annual primary research, conducted with 99 companies and 171 NPOs. The results include our estimate of how much companies spent on social development in 2014 and, building on our year-on-year statistics and combining these with fresh data, an analysis of trends in the sector. This year we expanded the reach of our research and initiated a relationship with the New York-based CECP to feed into their Giving Around the Globe report on corporate philanthropy. Building on this, we have included a feature comparing company giving in the US, UK and South Africa in the Handbook.

The ‘Corporate practice’ chapter comprises corporate case studies, detailing the areas for investment and developmental achievements of some of the country’s biggest companies. More than 60 companies are represented in The Trialogue CSI Handbook.

In ‘Focus on development’ we give an overview of four of the biggest sectors for corporate social investment, including big-picture statistics and government policy. A double-page spread of selected corporate initiatives accompanies each of these sectors. We also offer development sector practice advice for those sectors attracting more than 20% of corporate support.

There is also a whole chapter dedicated to the state of CSI reporting. In 2009, Trialogue analysed the CSI reporting of companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) index. This year, we have repeated the analysis to provide a picture of the progress of CSI reporting over the past five years.

ISBN: 978-0-9921777-2-0


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