CSI Handbook 18th ed (2015)

The Trialogue 2015 CSI Handbook offers essential insights into the spending patterns of corporates investing in social development. These insights are based on Trialogue’s annual primary research conducted with companies and NPOs. The research findings are presented, analysed and explained with comparisons to previous years where relevant. The South African research is put into a global context in a section comparing corporate giving in South Africa to the United States and giving around the globe, and for the first time, Trialogue has also looked further afield at CSI practices in Africa, starting in 2015 with East African powerhouse Kenya.

This 18th edition of the Trialogue CSI Handbook focuses on the challenges facing youth with contextual statistics presented alongside government interventions and corporate initiatives aimed at youth. National and international policy, such as the National Development Plan, Operation Phakisa and the Sustainable Development Goals, is brought under the spotlight as well as stories told by South Africa’s youth to give their plight a voice.

In-depth case studies of corporate programmes and projects are showcased in a dedicated chapter to shine a light on companies’ approaches to CSI. In addition, the winner of the Trialogue Strategic CSI Award is announced and an outline of the winning project, as well as the criteria applied to determine strategic CSI, is provided. A roundup of the year’s quarterly CSI forums as well as reports from the most popular sessions at the annual Trialogue CSI conference 2015 completes the picture.


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