2017 CSI Handbook – 20th Edition – FREE DOWNLOAD

Trialogue is proud to present this 20th Handbook. Its name change, from The Trialogue CSI Handbook to The Business in Society Handbook, builds on the publication’s well-established reputation for providing comprehensive and reliable data and thought leadership on corporate social investment (CSI), while also responding to the increasingly holistic role of business within society; encapsulating, but not bound by the concept of CSI.

This commemorative edition reflects on progress, profiles the current state of the CSI sector in South Africa, and draws on two decades of insight to propose future trends and anticipated responsible business practices.

Chapter 1: The evolution of CSI in South Africa CSI milestones, an overview of 2017 research into spending patterns and approaches to CSI, and forecasting the future of the sector.

Chapter 2: Development sectors Corporate and government support, national context, significant policy shifts and guidelines for the effective funding of 12 development sectors.

Chapter 3: Corporate practice In-depth profiles of select companies’ CSI strategies, approaches to, and lessons in development.

Chapter 4: Local and global perspectives Criteria for determining strategic CSI and a profile of the recipient of the Trialogue Strategic CSI Award 2017, insights from The Trialogue Business in Society Conference 2017, key findings from CSI research conducted in Ghana and Kenya, and trends in global corporate giving.

Chapter 5: Features A collection of articles on trending topics, including addressing youth unemployment; funding advocacy; leveraging digital platforms for social purpose; and the importance of effective monitoring and evaluation, authored by experts in their respective fields.

NPO directory Structured as a guide to the funding of social development in South Africa, this section includes an overview of the non-profit landscape, advice on how to select non-profit organisation (NPO) beneficiaries, the various types of support that can be provided, how NPOs can ensure resilience in a challenging funding climate, and listings of NPOs working across various sectors.


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