Trialogue, as the Southern Africa Global Exchange partner of the global CSI partnership, CECP: The CEO Force for Good, Global Exchange, is proud to announce the launch of the Global Exchange’s Global Voice Project. The project is a continued effort to foster and grow this global CSI collaboration network, as well as to expand on the shared themes and trends emerging in CSI.  The Global Exchange’s main objective is to advance responsible business around the world.

“Trialogue has championed corporate responsibility issues in South Africa for more than two decades and now looks forward to sharing and drawing insight from this project to enhance international benchmarking,” said Nick Rockey, managing director of Trialogue. “This initiative will undoubtedly have a significant impact on giving practice at a country and company level.”

Global partners include Admical in France, Beyond Philanthropy in Germany, CECP in the USA, Cemefi in Mexico, Comunitas in Brazil, The Conference Board of Canada in Canada, CSRone Reporting in Taiwan, CSR Turkey in Turkey, Dynamo Academy in Italy, Fundación SERES in Spain, Korea Productivity Center in South Korea, Russia Donors Forum in Russia, Samhita in India, SynTao in Mainland China and Hong Kong, and, United Nations Global Compact Network Malaysia in Malaysia. The Global Exchange partners operate independently. The members consult to global companies in support of their CSI programmes to extend the impact in the regions they operate in.

In 2019, the network intends to further develop insights from market-specific expertise, collaboration, and competitive advantage.

The Global Voice Project will have four main parts to it:

  • The  Global Exchange 2019 Questionnaire which has been designed to identify shared characteristics across countries, as well as to test the reach of  those trends in social investment.
  • The market-specific research will have an in-depth look at areas that the Global Exchange country partners explore throughout the year.
  • Discussing conference agenda collation in order to understand the overlapping themes across countries.
  • Pulse surveys (distributed by Global Exchange Country Partners to the companies they work with) on a list of topics identified from the second and third parts.

The outcome of the project will be presented as in-depth analysis of insights and benchmarking produced by CECP from the global trends sourced from the above. CECP will make the results available through its report, Giving in Numbers, as well as in Investing in Society, CECP’s bi-annual publication of insights, and Trialogue will share an overview of key findings in the 2019 edition of its Business in Society Handbook.