Impact opportunities from blended finance

Monique Mathys-Graaff of the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) shared with delegates to the Trialogue Business in Society Conference 2019 her personal journey towards investing her money impactfully. As an investment professional, the lack of financial instruments to cater for this need presented a crisis of conscience for Mathys-Graaff. Her search was for impactful investments that would make money and do good. Impact investing necessarily adopts a long-term view to both of these elements.

One of Mathys-Graaff’s first encounters of impact investing was in India, where some have found creative ways of financing the Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, Mathys-Graaff’s conviction that there is an innovative finance tool for all social causes was inspired by her encounter with a doctor who used an innovative financing model to deliver private healthcare to thousands of underserved communities in India.

She has since begun to apply her skills in finance to the lesser known, and relatively uncomfortable to some, area of impact investing. For the PIC as a company, this entails looking to invest in the real economy (such as in taxi finance) and seeking alternatives to traditional asset classes that comprise the bulk of its investments. According to Mathys-Graaff, impact investing is an institutional movement that is gaining traction, but that will require the industry to shift its vision.

IMAGE: Monique Mathys-Graaff, Public Investment Corporation

Article written by Rebecca Mhere

Photo taken by Cobus Oosthuizen

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