Speaking at the Trialogue Business in Society conference in Johannesburg, Dr Morné du Plessis, CEO of WWF South Africa, highlighted the urgency of business involvement in finding opportunities amidst crisis in the green economy in a talk sponsored by Nedbank. The annual corporate social responsibility conference sees forward-thinking leaders from business, civil society and government gather to discuss solutions for key societal issues, including the green economy and the just energy transition. 

The more nature is destroyed, the less carbon dioxide is sequestered, which has a major impact on climate change.  As business, we need to understand the true value of nature and our essential eco-system services. Unless CO2 emissions related to human activity are curbed, climate change will bring high costs for human development, economics and the environment. Business has a powerful role to play in ensuring we have global frameworks that integrate nature and climate, two sides of the same coin. The green economy should not be viewed simply as part of the global economy. It is ALL of it.

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