The Trialogue Business in Society Handbook is the leading publication on corporate social investment (CSI) in South Africa, providing reliable data and thought leadership that contributes to deepened understanding of, and impact in, development.

The Handbook responds to the increasingly holistic role of business within society; encapsulating, but not bound by, the concept of CSI.

THEME: 2020 The year of physical distancing and social reconnection

With a decade left to achieve the global Sustainable Development Goals and the objectives of the National Development Plan, 2020 was pegged as a critical juncture at which to reflect on our achievements and plot the next decade. However, the best intentions for 2020 very quickly devolved into emergency response to the Covid-19 crisis. In this edition of the Handbook, we leverage this unprecedented period to collate key lessons in collaboration and innovation as we explore how companies, non-profit organisations and governments across the world are responding to the pandemic that is forcing physical distancing but presenting a unique opportunity for social reconnection.

The 2020 edition will feature:

  • Key findings from TRIALOGUE’S ANNUAL RESEARCH with companies and non-profit organisations on approaches to corporate giving in South Africa
  • Insight on THE ROLE OF BUSINESS IN SOCIETY, from corporate, government and civil society experts
  • Extensive PROFILING OF CORPORATE SPEND, approaches to, and views on, developmental issues in South Africa and abroad
  • A comprehensive DIRECTORY OF NON-PROFIT ORGANISATIONS working in various development sectors
  • An overview of GLOBAL TRENDS in corporate philanthropy.

Corporate clients interested in positioning their brands as thought leaders in the responsible business sector and, importantly, contributing to knowledge-sharing that aims to enhance developmental outcomes and sustainability,
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