Trialogue’s response to Covid-19

The urgency with which all sectors of society must act to address South Africa’s gaping socioeconomic divide is only reinforced by Covid-19. While we heed the government’s decisive call to curb the spread of the virus, we are also compelled to consider the far-reaching impact that it could have on our already disenfranchised and under-resourced communities.

As individuals and responsible businesses, we need to consider how we can assist the most vulnerable in society – the elderly, those with existing conditions and those that rely on public transport. Many SMEs will suffer tremendously in the coming months and we encourage you and your companies to look at how you can continue to support them with ongoing work, better payment terms or other arrangements.

The health of our staff and partners is our priority and, like most businesses, we have initiated travel limits, flexible work arrangements and stricter hygiene policies in the office. We are also exploring different ways of delivering our knowledge sharing and advisory services. You can expect to hear about our new webinars covering a range of responsible business topics, and our updated data collection methods for monitoring and evaluation services, among other things, in our regular updates.

As a small business ourselves, we would like to thank you – our clients, partners and supporters – for your ongoing support during this difficult period. We’d also like to share innovative ideas of how companies are responding to Covid-19 – email to let us know what your company is doing.

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