Ayumi Moore Aoki is the Founder and CEO of the global non-profit Women in Tech®, the award-winning agency Social Brain®, and Co-Founder of HER Digital Academy. Ayumi lives in France but grew up in South Africa under Apartheid with her Brazilian and Japanese parents. Her upbringing shaped her beliefs around equality, and cultivated her drive to break those gender, race, and professional norms that are rooted in oppressive and discriminatory stereotypes. In 2008, she was struggling to achieve a healthy life balance, so she quit her high-powered job and taught herself how to code with CD-ROMs. She created her first company, and in 2018 founded Women in Tech®. Today her non-profit is a global movement, with over 200 volunteers, 50 000 members on six continents, and on a mission to empower five million women and girls by 2030.  As an international expert in women empowerment and a champion of equality, she is a member of the Forbes Business Council.

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