Trialogue Business in Society Conference 2020

//Dr Anthony Gewer, National Business Initiative

Dr Anthony Gewer, National Business Initiative

Dr Anthony Gewer, Programme Manager of Social Transformation at the National Business Initiative (NBI), has provided strategic and technical support to government, donors, industry and institutions for the past 20 years, looking at strengthening pathways for successful youth labour market transitions. Through his extensive work in TVET and skills development, Dr Gewer has designed programmes to improve institutional management, teaching and learning, and workplace learning. With the NBI, Dr Gewer is leading the Installation, Repair and Maintenance Initiative, a national programme to expand pathways for marginalised youth through TVET into artisanal roles across the economy (with emphasis on the Green Economy). He has written and presented extensively on labour market transitions and youth employability in a developing context. He has a PhD in Education Policy.

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