Trialogue Business in Society Conference 2020

//Dr Fidelis Hove, The Jobs Fund

Dr Fidelis Hove, The Jobs Fund

Dr Fidelis Hove is a team leader in the project management office of the South African National Treasury’s R9 billion Jobs Fund. The Jobs Fund, launched in 2011, operates as a challenge fund where public money is used to co-finance projects with public, private and non-governmental organisations through a competitive grant process. Dr Hove also leads the Fund’s project origination team. Before joining the Jobs Fund in 2015, he was a consultant at Oxford Policy Management, where he worked in eight African countries and helped provide technical advice to governments, state-owned entities and international donor agencies. Dr Hove has also lectured in economics at the University of Cape Town and worked as a researcher at the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit.

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