Multi-faceted Sierra Leonean-German social entrepreneur Mallence Bart-Williams is the founder of the Freetown-based creative collective Folorunsho. This ‘sharity’, initiated with street children in Sierra Leone, takes homeless children off the streets and into school by harnessing their creativity without a single cent in donations. Some have thrived as young entrepreneurs and gone on to run the social enterprise Ethical Minerals, alongside Bart-Williams, which is committed to changing the landscape of the artisanal mining sector and its communities.

Her recent initiative, Female Innovation Lab, provides Freetown-based young women who have lost their homes and families with skills to foster their entrepreneurship. She works across Africa, Asia and Europe and has delivered keynotes at TEDx Berlin and various universities, challenging the status quo and stirring conversations about social justice. Her cross-cultural roots provide a bridge to connect different worlds, finding creative solutions to common problems amid cultural contrast.