Project Description

It is considered good practice to ensure a strategy is kept current and adjusted to suit business needs as they evolve, whilst also remaining in line with latest trends. As such, Santam revisits its CSI strategy on an ongoing basis and decides on changes required, often calling in Trialogue for support as and when changes are made. The nature of support varies and typically relates to particular strategy directives or workshop facilitation with partners, as opposed to a complete strategy refresh.

In early 2020, Santam requested Trialogue to assist in firming up and presenting their strategy within a national and business context. The strategy has a strong focus on risk and resiliency, which aligns well with Santam business and stakeholder interests, and includes support for municipalities in building disaster preparedness and risk resiliency. CSI activities provide additional support for the Partnerships for Risk and Resilience work carried out more broadly by the business. Trialogue facilitated a workshop to identify the strategic priorities and contextualise how the work of CSI was positioned, at a macro socio-economic level and within Santam. We ran a workshop to develop structure for locating and communicating the strategy which was refined through a consultative process before being designed and produced in a Santam format.

As part of our work, we looked more deeply into the alignment between the CSI work and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We analysed linkages to the SDG framework, focusing on how SDG indicators and targets aligned to, and could be adopted by, the Santam CSI strategy and the work of the P4RR programme. This analysis was used to update the CSI strategy.

“At Santam, we have a long history with Trialogue, and couldn’t have chosen a better advisor. Trialogue understands our brand, are very structured, deliver on time and keep us thinking and stretched. We really appreciate our relationship with them and the work they delivered.”

Tersia Mdunge Corporate Social Investment Manager, Santam