Dates of work: 2021-2023

As part of its overall value proposition and the whole school approach to school development, the Capitec Foundation implemented the Capitec Future Fit Maths Programme in 2021, renamed to the Capitec Foundation Whole School Programme in 2022. The approach is centred on achieving two objectives: improving learners’ performance and attitudes towards Maths, and the professional development of pre-service and in-service teachers.  

The Maths Tutor Programme was piloted in one school in 2021, after which Trialogue was asked to conduct an initial review of the intervention. The findings helped inform the Capitec Foundation’s strategy. The programme was introduced to five additional schools in 2022. The Maths Tutor Programme makes use of interactive digital maths content, accessed through a customised Learning Management System (LMS). There are two approaches to the implementation of the programme, namely the blended model and the online model. The blended model involves both face-to-face tutorials with selected learners, and online learning, while the online model includes online learning only.  

In 2022, Capitec Foundation updated its Whole School Methodology and Trialogue was invited to conduct an evaluation to assess how the programme had progressed. The theory of change was updated and new indicators were developed. The evaluation utilised several qualitative data collection methods, including semi-structured interviews, focus group discussions and learner surveys. The University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) conducted independent baseline testing (pre and post the programme) at the blended learning schools, to determine whether there was an observable difference in learner performance. The Trialogue evaluation team used Wits data, LMS data, and school results to assess the effectiveness of the programme in terms of improved learning outcomes. 

The reviews conducted by Trialogue resulted in key findings on relevance, coherence, and programme performance, as well as making recommendations on programme delivery. The evaluation found the programme to be relevant and coherent. In addition, the programme offers valuable experience and professional development to future Maths teachers. In 2023 the programme aims to change the way in which quantitative data is collected and managed to facilitate more in-depth long-term analysis. Trialogue continues to provide support to the Capitec Foundation as the programme is scaled up.