Coronation has a history of committing support to a few flagship education programmes and in 2019 commissioned Trialogue, for the third time, to undertake a review of these individual projects. Additionally, Coronation launched a collaborative initiative named Capsule in 2017. Capsule seeks to integrate Coronation’s main corporate social investment (CSI) beneficiary partners into one long-term collaborative programme to serve the full eco-system centred on a primary school with the goal being to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes. The Trialogue team was asked to review Capsule as well.

For the review of the individual projects, Trialogue used its review framework, which broadly follows Logic Model thinking, with the addition of a business alignment dimension. A two-pronged approach was taken with regards to reviewing Capsule, the first was to benchmark Capsule against best-practice whole-school development approaches through a review of the literature and engagement with sectoral subject matter experts. The second was to assess the collaboration model of the implementing CSI beneficiary partners.

Outcomes of this engagement provided Coronation with clarity regarding their CSI beneficiary partner programmes, with the portfolio of projects positioned on Trialogue’s CSI strategy matrix. The extent to which projects achieved the stated CSI objectives was assessed and recommendations made where improvements should be made. The appraisal of the Capsule programme resulted in a gap-analysis of the initiative and specific recommendations to enhance implementation and impact.