KFC: Monitoring, evaluation and advisory services for the Add Hope Trust

Date of work: 2013 – 2023

KFC set up its Social Responsibility Trust Fund in 2009 with the objective of disbursing funds to organisations focused on combating hunger. This focus is both strategically aligned to KFC’s business activities and to the national crisis of child hunger and malnutrition. Through the Add Hope Trust, KFC donations and the R2 collected from customers through its restaurants go to 130 non-profit organisations to provide over 30 million nutritious meals to vulnerable children across the country .

Trialogue first worked with the Add Hope Trust in 2013 when we reviewed the processes of the Trust as well as 34 of its NPO partners. The recommendations from this work included adjustments to strategy, funding guidelines, agreements, application forms, monitoring and reporting, most of which were then implemented by Add Hope. In subsequent years Trialogue continued to review partner organisations, and in 2016 we supported the Trust through a strategic review. In 2018 we worked with the Trust, and its implementing partners, to develop a more robust theory of change and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework. This has subsequently been adopted and a customised system implemented to collect the relevant information.

Trialogue now conducts reviews of a sample of partner non-profit organisations annually to assess the outcomes and risks of KFC funding as well as the effectiveness of the M&E framework. In 2021 we assisted the Trust by giving insights into the broader NPO feeding landscape and overall funding practices. As Trialogue, we highly value our ongoing relationship with the Add Hope Trust and strive to contribute to its greater effectiveness and impact.

“The integrity and controls that we adopt and monitor for KFC Add Hope are of fundamental importance to ensure that our own contributions, as well as those of our customers, are applied in line with our objective to help combat childhood hunger. Our partnership with Trialogue provides us with an independent view of the programme as well as informs our strategic approach.”

Kennedy Dembetembe: CSR Programmes Manager, KFC