“Trialogue’s work helped us to understand what we need to do to enhance our education programme. It provided us with the opportunity to take the learnings back into programme design, and to realign and refocus the programme for 2021.”
Pieter Twine: General Manager; MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet and Woolworths Educational Programmes

The Woolworths Good Business Journey is the company’s plan to make a difference for its people, in its communities and for the environment as we conduct business in SA. The Woolworths Educational Programme has been in existence since 2003 and operates in more than 3 000 schools in the Western Cape, Gauteng, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. This flagship programme actively promotes healthy nutrition and exercise for the young people of our country. Some of the programme offerings include the provision of CAPS-aligned class lessons, dietician-led learner talks and a Teacher’s Day Campaign.

Trialogue was retained by Woolworths in 2019 to review the programme functionality and evidence of outcomes in the form of awareness and attitudes. We applied our CSI project review framework to structure the research process and reporting. Surveys were designed for learners, teachers and principals and were completed during the site visits at a sample of ten schools in Gauteng and the Western Cape. A digital survey was designed and distributed to assess the Teacher Day campaign. The three projects reviewed were also plotted on Trialogue’s CSI positioning matrix.

The findings showed that the projects were well implemented and highly appreciated by the school communities that accessed them. The classroom projects were seen to offer variety to the learners and teachers, with the learners being engaged in a unique learning experience. The benefits were extended through the provision of resource guides for ongoing use by teachers. The Teachers Day campaign was valued and made teachers feel recognised and appreciated. Trialogue offered recommendations for changes in design and implementation, which are currently being considered by Woolworths.