Date of work: 2022

The DO MORE FOUNDATION was established by RCL FOODS in 2017, with the aim of enabling a broader group of stakeholders to get involved in the company’s corporate social investment initiatives. The foundation’s vision is to inspire more people and organisations to ‘create better tomorrows for the young children of South Africa’ by placing the young child at the centre of what it does and facilitating a multiplier effect through collective impact.

In 2022, in celebration of its first five years, the foundation requested Trialogue to compile a case study of its five-year journey, with a focus on lessons learnt. The intention was to provide other organisations and players in the sector a deeper understanding of what the foundation does, how some of its features enabled it to achieve what it has and for other organisations to learn from that.

The case study was informed by an in-depth review of company documents, coupled with a series of interviews with stakeholders identified by the foundation. These stakeholders included staff, donors, government officials, academics and experts in the early childhood development (ECD) and nutrition sectors.

Once finalised, the case study was designed and distributed by the foundation to its key stakeholders. It is shared with all potential new partners so that everyone understands the foundation and its way of working. The collective impact model, used to structure the case study, has become the foundation’s way of operating, and has subsequently become a key part of its “Everyone Gets to Play” model.

“This was quite a complex thing to pull together and the way Trialogue did it was brilliant! Their identification and direction in terms of the collective impact model was hugely helpful to the foundation and has become part of our model of doing things.”

Warren Farrer: Foundation Executive, Do More Foundation