Trialogue has supported Altron for the past five years in structuring, compiling and producing their integrated annual report. We have focused on developing and maintaining a concise and relevant report that meets the requirements of reporting frameworks and JSE requirements, while also telling an authentic story with balanced reporting that covers all key material issues. This process has also included advisory and editing assistance with the Governance Report and Social, Ethics and Sustainability Report.

Our reporting process was unique in that it was supported by a parallel project, whereby Trialogue’s sustainability consulting team assisted Altron with the alignment of its sustainability strategy to their One Altron strategy. We were able to find synergies between the two projects to ensure the report’s structure and content aligned to the sustainability framework.

This sustainability strategy was tested through the 2020 annual integrated report process to assess relevance and actual implementation of leadership accountability, strategic objectives, actions, goals and KPIs as identified during the framework review and development process.  It also informed the required updates to address potential gaps.

“These overlapping projects demonstrated our best-case approach to reporting, whereby integrated thinking leads reporting,” according to Altron Company Secretary WK Groenewald. “By improving and integrating sustainability objectives into the group’s set of strategic priorities, the reporting process has evolved into a natural step of measuring and reflecting on the One Altron strategy.”