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Case Study: Nedbank Private Wealth – Managing the Giving Report IV

Nedbank Private Wealth (NPW) launched the first edition of The Giving Report in 2010, a research initiative that was the first of its kind in South Africa, looking at the giving behaviours and practices of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs). Trialogue worked alongside NPW in 2010 to design the survey – using global benchmarks and best practice market research – and to analyse the findings and draft the first report.

As a business NPW has continued to invest in this periodic research due to consistently positive feedback, and the belief that this research continues to play a significant role in strengthening philanthropy in South Africa. In 2019, Trialogue was again commissioned by NPW to produce the fourth Giving Report. This edition includes tracking of the giving behaviour of HNWIs over time, insights from the primary research and opinion pieces by experts on topical issues in philanthropy.

Trialogue’s role was to manage the production of the report, including the research design, management of data collection, data analysis, report drafting and editing and management of design and print. Trialogue delivered the report with support from field research company, Genex, and graphic designers, Ground Pepper.

A total of 430 interviews were conducted with HNWIs. Each interview consisted of 70 questions structured to build an understanding of the nature of HNWI giving in South Africa. Respondents were questioned on the quantum of their giving and the form that this took (whether cash, goods or time), as well as what motivated them to give. The interviews were also structured to gain insight into what influences givers’ decisions around who to give to and what causes to support.

The 2019 Giving Report found that 83% of HNWI’s gave money, time or goods in 2018, down from 88% in the previous Giving Report. However, those who were giving were giving more in value and in time. It was estimated that in 2018 HNWIs donated roughly R6.1 billion in cash, R3.1 billion in goods and services and 4.3 million hours of their time. Most giving was directed towards social and community development (66% of givers) and religious institutions (41% of givers). NPOs were the most supported type of beneficiary (66% of givers), with advocacy groups and political parties the least supported (3% and 2% respectively).  Most giving is motivated by personal reasons such as wanting to make a difference and because the individual cared about the cause.

Date published: November 2019

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